You always have discounts !

whatever your order's amont is


immediate reduction 

For all orders more than 3500€ tax excluded



as credit voucher 

For all orders less thant 3500€

Please see below the terms of application



Terms of application of our offer '100€' offered each month":

1) You will be offered a credit voucher of 100 euros tax excluded each month when the monthly amount of your orders reaches the minimum amount of 5 000 euros tax excluded; 2) The offer is valid on orders that have been paid from 01/09/2020; 3) The orrders that have already benefited from the the reduction code "DISCOUNT100" will not be included in this offer; 4) 100 euros will be offered as a credit voucher valid for 3 months and only for online orders. 

How to benefit from it ?

1) Calculate the total sum of your orders recorded in your customer space, at the end of each month. 2) Send an email to:, if the minimum of 5000 euros is reached. 3) We will give you your voucher code within 24 hours of receiving your email.